Pre/post-operative physiotherapy

At Portland Physio, we have a specialist interest in orthopaedic postoperative care. Since 1986, we have been working alongside London's leading surgeons, primarily managing conditions of the knee and foot/ ankle.

The success of your surgery depends largely on what you do in the post operative stage. Often, if the post operative stage after orthopaedic surgery is not managed carefully with the help of a physiotherapist, you may continue to experience ongoing problems with stiffness, pain, swelling and general lack of confidence with the limb.

As the area may be swollen and somewhat uncomfortable in the early stages, physiotherapy will help you to regain movement, decrease swelling and strengthen the muscles around the joint.

Your physiotherapist will let you know how and when you can return to normal activities including sport. You will be given an exercise program that is specifically designed to guide you back to your pre operative activity.

Your return to normal activity/ sport will depend on the nature of the surgery and the amount of damage that was present.