Gait and running analysis

Efficient walking and running depends on muscles working correctly and joints moving without undue restrictions. Any joint or muscle dysfunction is likely to cause compensation, which can inevitably lead to ongoing problems. These problems can be both painful and debilitating.

Gait analysis incorporates the use of a video camera and a treadmill to analyse your walking and running to identify inefficiencies in movement. Only by very carefully observing your movement can an accurate diagnosis be achieved. As a result, the subsequent corrective treatment will be more precise and focused.

In assessing your walking and running, your physiotherapist or podiatrist will explain the dysfunction so that you clearly understand where the problem is occurring and what can be done to achieve an optimal movement pattern. This can include addressing your exercise program, footwear and training techniques.

For assessment, please call the practice and make an appointment with either a physiotherapist or podiatrist.