Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a unique body conditioning and postural alignment exercise technique. It was developed by Joseph Pilates over 70 years ago originally to treat performing artists. Today, Clinical Pilates has been developed by physiotherapists as a modification of the original exercise system.

Pilates is appropriate for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. The initial emphasis is on learning how to control the body's deep stabilising muscles, which exist around each joint. With improved "core stability", postural pain can be reduced or eliminated and efficiency of movement maintained.

Sessions are either 30 minutes or one hour in duration. They are conducted individually with the physiotherapist and incorporate a combination of floor work and equipment based exercises depending on specific needs.

At Portland Physio, Clinical Pilates is conducted by Chartered Physiotherapists who possess an extensive knowledge of biomechanics and rehabilitation. All physiotherapy staff at Portland Physio are certified and trained in the Pilates Method.